Saturday, 13 December 2014

Extraordinary Shopping Experience In DUBAI

The wonderful Emirate Dubai of UAE is one of the most valued shopping arenas for travelers around the world using Dubai Tourist Visa. A multicultural megalopolis that has developed gradually to become a most influential city, and a commercial & cultural center of the Arab and the Persian Gulf constituency, is rightly a shopper's utopia.

For those beholding for great steals and a totally different experience, Dubai certainly where you want to be. Below are some of the motives why one should go to Dubai for a ultimate shopping extravaganza.

Shopping Malls: Unlike the exclusive malls in the Europe, Dubai Malls are budget-friendly and provide only the value for money items. The malls are somewhat unique in the view that the decoration is fantastic and realistic. For example Wafi Mall that is adobe to brands like Montblanc, and Mall of the Emirates, are attractive and much admired with the residents. Completely air-conditioned malls also offer superb break from the hot and dry midsummer's. 

Exclusive Souks: Other than classy malls, Dubai also bags souks that are typical Middle Eastern-style markets filled fun and busy with both domestic and International consumers. From handkerchief to Yellow Metal, there is everything for everybody at the marketplaces and there is something unique experience to the International travelers who are using Dubai Visa. 

Local Buys: Buyers from all over the globe visit the city to purchase rugs, fabrics, fragrances, spices and Yellow Metal. Saffron is traded in wholesale quantities here and so is yellow metal. One will never leave from Dubai without purchasing incenses that add a scent of style to your shopping and enjoyment in the city. 

Shopping Hours: The timings of the city are amazing which will mesmerize the shopaholics around the world is the exclusive timing of the malls. Usually malls start their business at 10 Am and closes at 10 PM, so 12 hours of fun frolic shopping experience. Several shopkeepers remain closed in afternoon as no one wants to go out in scorching sun to shop. Everyone comes out in evening for the extraordinary shopping pleasure.


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