Thursday, 19 June 2014

Detailed Procedure For Obtaining A Dubai Visa

Before going to any international country the first requirement for you will be the Visa Requirement of that particular country. There are several steps that should be followed by each and every individual to follow the proper and systematic steps of the visa application form.

First: Of all it is necessary to decide that in which category your country falls in whether it is a visa free, on arrival visa or Visa Application country. And then decide the further steps to be followed. We are discussing here the third category of the applicants.

Second: It is necessary that you must decide further the purpose of your visit. If you have a little confusion in deciding the exact purpose of your visit or regarding the category of visa for which you are applying then you are requested to contact any of the Visa Service Agency they will guide you better in this regard. 

Third: Check out the list of all the documents that is required as essentials to apply for the visa. 

Forth: Download all the relevant application form and fill in the necessary details without any cutting or the over writing. Sign the form carefully on all the places wherever required and affix the latest photograph on it. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines related to the photograph properly. 

Fifth: The very next follows the submission. Submit all the documents and send it at the address mentioned on the site of the visa service agency if applying through them in case of direct submission visit your nearest visa application center and complete the necessities.

Once the application is submitted you do not have to worry about the further. You can trace your application further checking it with the service agency. Once the visa gets accepted you will receive the passport directly with the visa stamp on it. All the above are the general steps to be followed. Always remember that in case on any surmounting doubts in your mind can create a trouble for you in the form of visa rejection which will be a mere waste of time and efforts, since the application fee has to be submitted at the time of the application only. So it’s always better to check and recheck the necessities whenever required and clear all your FAQ’s. 

Application Of Dubai Visa Can Be Submitted Through The Following Methods:
  • Through the visa service providing agencies.
  • If you are flying through Emirates they also provide such facility.
  • If traveling through some travel packages then too the travel agent can carry out all the formalities on your behalf.

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